Nafees Bakers at Asian Wedding Fair

Nafees Bakers KCB

Nafees Bakers KCB

Nafees Bakers and Sweets formerly known as KCB are a hugely successful international business, which found its way into the hearts and homes of many people. The Nafees Bakers and sweets factory was built, designed and equipped to meet all international standards within the food industry. With their top notch equipment and highly qualified and skilled staff Nafees Bakers have soared their way to the top with the ever-increasing demands on their products both nationally and internationally.


Serving their customers since 1979 Nafees Bakers refuse to give up on their eminence quality of food, as they provide nothing but the best for their customers.

Serving more than 20 branches national and internationally and with the mind-set of more to come this company never gives up. It is no surprise that more and more people are falling in love with their products. Nafees Bakers ensure that they are giving their customers the best products that they can offer with 100% commitment in producing high quality products.


Nafees Bakers provide South Asian Sweets and Cakes with locally produced, freshly made, and using no less than the finest Ingredients and with a vision to expand their sales to more international markets. Nafees Bakers has a vision to create for itself a leadership position in growth of markets in Europe and it safe to say that for them this vision is doable with their growing international audience.


Nafees Bakers decided to exhibit at this year’s Asian Wedding Fair event and we were no less than honoured to have them on board exhibiting at our event at Magna Science Adventure Centre.

It was no surprise that their stall had attracted a lot of customers and left them wanting more. From their mouth watering South Asian sweets to their amazing cakes, Nafees Bakers are one to watch out for in the ever-expanding international food market.