Imran Khan to Headline AWF 2015

Imran Khan to Headline Yorkshires Largest Wedding Fair Asian Wedding Fair 2015


Imran Khan is the global punjabi king of the music industry. The Euro-Asian, based in The Netherlands has taken the world by storm with his vocals, lyrics and urban style.

Khans love for music was evident from a very early age. He started his career in his early teenage years. In 2005 Khan met up with an old friend called Shahid Mazhar who is based in United Kingdom. It was here when Khan showed his abilities to Shahid. Shahid was impressed with what he had heard and decided to take Imran to Pakistan.

As you know, Imran’s signature music style is authentic urban punjabi music, old yet new, fresh yet classic, and relatable to every desi audience in every corner in the world!

With a slightly rocky start to his career of identifying his style of music and experimenting with alternate producers and music creatives in Pakistan & Europe, Imran’s released his global super hot track

‘Amplifier’ which quickly became the most played song on all major TV stations and radio stations across the globe, and had hit the 2 million view mark on Youtube in only 1 week. It currently stands at almost 14 million hits.

After the amazing success of Amplifier , Prestige released ‘Bewafa’. Khan decided to release this track as it was a complete opposite of his previous tracks.

This track was an uber transition from his previous, experimenting on emotions and heartstrings which many audiences could definitely relate to. Shot in Mayfair, Central London, the track & video instantly became relatable to the London audience as well as the worldwide fans, winning many accolades including a number 1 in the FunFX chart. The track itself has a view count of almost 10 million hits on YouTube, which for a Punjabi artist is unheard of.

After a number of reading tracks from his album, the eagerly anticipated debut UNFORGETTABLE album was released. The album was released having used two producers, Eren E and Hakan Ozan. The album had become a phenomenon in the whole industry and infact was in the top 5 in the OFFICIAL Itunes album chart.

Khan was very happy with the progress being made and did several PA’s, signings and meets with his fan base worldwide,  interviews for magazines and TV stations across the UK including Brit Asia TV, BBC , and B4U to name a few.

Imrans music and talent was being respectably being worldwide and was awarded with the Anokhi Magazines ‘Musical Artist Of The Year‘ award, held in Canada in 2010.

Later the same year,  khan attended the UK AMA awards which is the equivalent of the mobo awards in the Asian music scene. Imran WON the best desi act of the year

Two months after winning the best desi act award at the UK AMA , Imran won the best album award at the Brit Asia Awards 2010.

Khan’s rise has seen him become a household name amongst the Asian population all over the world. Imran toured his native Pakistan in June 2010 and left his mark on thousands of people after doing a staggering thirty shows in one month.

With multiple awards under his belt and a staggering global fan base, we can now see Imran Khan officially in Bollywood! With his debut collaboration due to release in 2015, Khan sings with Bollywood’d new kids on the block Sonakshi Sinha & Arjun Kapoor in Tevar with his song ‘Let’s Celebrate’.

We welcome Imran Khan to the Asian Wedding Fair 2015!