Early Bird Discount on Stalls!

Asian Wedding Fair 2015 have a selection of stands for exhibitors to promote their businesses to promote their products to an amazing customer base. Be it clothing, beauty services, catering or any business you wish to promote at the event, do get in touch for details.


After last years’ success and satisfied stallholders, this year we are in full shell scheme format to ensure the event is a uniformed system and visually appealing. We are also giving clients the option to select their stall space beforehand so they can plan their stand accordingly.



Early bird discount-

20% off full payment before end of October

10% off full payment before end of December (if 50% deposit paid)


Book early to avoid disappointment

Click on link for Floor Plan

Stall price list
All prices are inclusive of shell scheme lighting and power.

F1 £510 4x2m
F2 £510 4x2m
F3 £510 4x2m
F4 £510 4x2m
F5 £450 3x2m
F6 £450 3x2m
F7 £450 3x2m
F8 £360 2x2m

FL1 £650 6x2m

FL2 £510 4x2m

FL3 £600

5x2m FL4

£450 3x2m

FL5 £450 3x2m

FL6 £450 3x2m

FL7 £450 3x2m

M1 £450 3x2m

M2 £450 3x2m

M3 £450 3x2m

M4 £450 3x2m

M5 £450 3x2m

M6 £450 3x2m

M7 £360 2x2m

M8 £360 2x2m

M9 £360 2x2m

M10 £360 2x2m

M11 £360 2x2m

M12 £360 2x2m

M13 £360 2x2m Sold (Film & Photography)

M14 £360 2x2m Film & Photography)

BL1 £360 2x2m

BL2 £360 2x2m

BL3 £360 2x2m

BL4 £360 2x2m

BL5 £360 2x2m

BL6 £360 2x2m

BL7 £360 2x2m

BL8 £360 2x2m

BL9 £360 2x2m

B1 £400 2x2m plus 1m overspill

B2 £400 2x2m plus 1m overspill

B3 £400 2x2m plus 1m overspill

B4 £400 2x2m plus 1m overspill

B5 £400 2x2m plus 1m overspill

BW1 Food shop 3x3m £500(No early bird discount available on this stall)

BW2 Food shop 3x3m (No early bird discount available on this stall) SOLD

BW3 Food shop 3x3m (No early bird discount available on this stall)

BW4 Food shop 3x3m
Please note a standard power supply of 500 w will be supplied by the shell scheme contractor, additional power of 500w will be charged at £50 per supply or contact us to discusss your specific needs.