Asian wedding fair

Asian Wedding Fair Open Day

On the 9th of September 2015 the Asian Wedding Fair hosted an Open day at the Copthorne Hotel, Sheffield. We invited a number of businesses new and old to come join us for a light ambient evening where they would be able to get up close and personal with the Team behind the Asian Wedding fair.


This is a new initiative for businesses to meet the team, which is something we haven’t done previously. However we are glad to have, as we were able to listen and enhance expectations of our business.


The Open day consisted of a presentation about the Asian Wedding Fair, our past success with the events, what we offer, the plan for our upcoming event and the team behind the production. The atmosphere on the day was amazing as it was nice to sit down and have a casual and informal chat with everyone who attended the open day, as we were able to listen closely to what they had to say.


The informative presentation consisted of information about the Asian Wedding Fair hosts, Catwalk, Stalls, marketing and prices. The floor plans were discussed and covered in detail we made sure that we covered all aspects of the event.


The open day was a huge success and it was great to see old and new faces in such an incredible atmosphere. We were ecstatic with the overwhelming response from everyone who attended the event.


It was delightful to see that business representatives could speak out without hesitation and with such ease in such a great, friendly atmosphere.

Open days are not often done especially in this sector of business so we are pleased that we went forward with it and were able to hear out clientele’s queries and suggestions. The reason for doing this is to make our clients feel comfortable and valued in their opinions which the Asian Wedding fair constantly strives to do because the Asian Wedding Fair is all about our clients and giving them the best service possible.


We are very thankful for the feedback that we received, it was listened to and taken on board with immense consideration and we look forward to incorporate your ideas and suggestions to help us improve our business further.


Asian wedding fair
Asian Wedding Fair Open Day 2015