The most awaited exhibition showcasing UK’s diverse fashion talent returns on the 8th February 2015!


Moonlight and Chandni, leading Photography & Film, Event and Wedding Planners in South Yorkshire, will be sponsoring this fashion extravaganza for the second time. Based in the imperial area of Attercliffe, South Yorkshire, the sponsors had this to say, “We are absolutely delighted to be sponsoring such a highly recognized event. The turnout last year was incredible and hopefully it will be even better this time around”. Chandni and Moonlight, both respectable companies, specialise in planning Wedding Events and have been doing so for the past two years. The reason behind them sponsoring such an event is as said, “It links to our business, especially with it being in the Yorkshire region. To be honest, there are not many wedding exhibitions like this one and I’m really glad that we’ve secured this position as sponsors, because it helps businesses like ours and others based in the North reach more customers”.

The previous Asian Wedding Fair, which took place on the 2nd February 2014, had a turnout of approximately 3,000 people. Initially expecting to be the biggest Wedding Fair in South Yorkshire, it knocked those figures by becoming the biggest Wedding Fair in the whole of Yorkshire. Its scale was so vast that ARY, one of the most popular and watched Asian Channels in the world, covered and broadcasted the event. Unexpectedly, this meant that the Fair was being broadcasted internationally across the world. India, Pakistan, and the UK were just some of the countries that participated in viewing the event from their telivison sets.


The grand venue took place at the Magna Centre, a huge building for exhibitions and conferences. As intended, the location was a big statement for businesses across the UK. This is because many distributors of wedding related products were not having as much success in their local areas, especially up in the North of England. The Asian Wedding Fair was a chance for these talents to showcase their majestic embroidery and stunning wedding sets to a much wider audience. Among the attendees were members of the BBC, primarily BBC Radio Sheffield. We will be joined by the Eastern Air show on BBC Sheffield for a live interview at our HQ.


The entertainment was first-class as headlining acts included: Britain’s Got Talent’s hilarious act Signature and artists Khiza and Sonny J. There were food stalls also available for people to discover and relinquish their taste buds. Out of the norm, there was also a play area for children. This hadn’t been done previously by any other exhibition and was well applauded by parents as this catered to a family event. In addition to this, the community spirit prospered more than usual. The local and national businesses managed to come together and present their reputable work to people far and wide from the UK. Along with this, it brought a new sense of closeness by having a similar impact upon customers.


The major selling point of this venue was the fact that Zaf Shabir showcased a fashion show at the Fair. Zaf Shabir, a prominent figure in the modelling industry, produced his own fashion show at the venue to promote and advertise the local fashioning industry. Zaf, one of the most well known South Asian models in the UK, had this to say, “I believe it was really important for me to attend this event. First, I was conscious about the idea, simply because the venue didn’t seem like it would attract the numbers it did. But…I was surprised and proud at the turnout. It went really well”. Beautiful gowns and luxurious accessories were worn on the catwalk, many produced by local designers from Sheffield, Bradford, Birmingham, Manchester, and London”.

The extravaganza returns on the 8th February 2015. As expected, it will be bigger and better than before. This time the Asian Wedding Fair has been blessed with an extensive budget. Focusing primarily on marketing and advertising, 50,000 leaflets have already been delivered by hand to homes all over Yorkshire. The Asian Fair has also started introducing posters and billboards marketing the event. These will be more prominent as the countdown to the event ticks off.

Furthermore, the Asian Wedding Fair has decided to showcase magnificent talent through using shell booths alone. Last year, there were shell booths alongside tables when presenting various wedding materials. The decision for this is to enable a greater sense of professionalism and make it easier to showcase talented work to attendees. Food will be available like previously. Also, with much excitement, it is confirmed that the event will be advertised and broadcasted by TWO Sky Channels. Expecting a larger turnout than last year, it is an event that wedding goers, brides, grooms, families, wedding industry businesses and people generally interested in art cannot afford to miss. You’ll regret it if you do.


WORDS- Ismail Ahmed